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About Us

Geeken Chemical India Limited (GCIL) is the R & D based Agrochemical Company that provides the supreme quality of crop protection products to the farmers of our nation. GCIL operates under the superintendence and surveillance of Mr. Pulkit Jain, Mr. Parit Jain and Mr. Anand Kumar Jain and with a team of 150+ hardworking employees who gives their day and night to provide the customers with the best quality and services of agrochemicals. We have together assembled a network of around 5,000 distributors and most of them themselves cover a good network of sub- distributors so that our products reaches to small parts of the country without any barrier.

The founders of GCIL came into the business of agrochemicals as they have already being dealing with the manufacturing of the parts of tractors in the farming process.

They already have an existing company manufacturing, assembling, and trading the parts of agro auto products since decades. Mr. Anand Kumar Jain started small with just 100sq feet and limited resources for investment in the company Sri Mahavir Tractors (1970), with time and diligence Mr. Anand Kumar Jain & his two son’s Mr. Parit Jain & Mr. Pulkit Jain came up with their own brand i.e. Unique Auto Products Pvt. Ltd. which itself deals in manufacturing and trading of agro auto products. Since all of them are in this business since long and running a successful one they knew the challenges faced by the farmers regarding agrochemicals for the crops, so they came up with an idea and vision to start the manufacturing of agrochemicals as well. GCIL is already having a good network and market value among the nation for agro auto products as people have trust in their by-products they knew starting the business of agrochemicals would definitely be a plus point for them but also a great helping hand for farmers as they already know about the quality we serve.
GCIL believes in providing the best quality of agrochemicals products as they have already being providing the best quality of agro auto products since ages, they know quality is something which should never be compromised and will never do it. Not just quality GCIL has an intention and motive to provide all the agrochemicals at an affordable price so that money does not hinders in between the growth. We know and understand the situation of our farmers that is why we came up with the products which will be cost efficient & of the utmost best quality so far.

We now throw ourselves into manufacturing and trading of crop protection products like- Fertilizers, Insecticides, Herbicides & Plant Growth Regulations/ Micro Nutrients. Along with all the agro auto products we have been manufacturing and trading since years.



Our ethics is something we don’t compromise with. Customer needs and demands are our priority and fulfilling it with the best time and quality is our goal. We don’t believe in giving fake and unfilled promises to our clients if a customer believes in us we make sure our product makes them believes in us too

– Anand Kumar Jain


We here in GCIL have a liberal and patient which makes us think broader and work with full power for our clients. We encourage the needs and demands our clients bring to us and work according to their need which makes us getting better connecting and customer satisfaction.

– Parit Jain


Every person working for GCIL is full with passion and will to achieve their goals, which makes us fast, advanced, uncompromising to think out of the box and provide the best of best service to our customers

– Pulkit Jain

A brand That Cares About Everyone

We have always been a giver brand, we believe if we keep our customers satisfied fulfil all their needs they will eventually trust us and helps us grow. The relationship between the customers and the company is the utmost important bond and to keep it strong we try our best to satisfy our clients to the most. As our customers are our feeding hands or farmers we make sure that they are not facing any trouble related to the products we produce. We keep direct touch with our farmers and keep their needs on the priority. Thus we produce, package, and supply our good in such a way that they are of best quality and at the same time affordable for your farmers. We manufacture goods keeping in mind the condition of our farmers and what kind of products they need for their crops.

We know the link between the company and customers are the distributors. And we completely make sure that before our product reaches our clients it gets confirmed by our distributors that this is the exact product they require. As the distributors work day and night to promote and sell our products we as a company make sure that they do not face any issue while doing their job. They are been compensated, motivated for all the hard work they do. Our company organises small events especially for our distributors so that we have a good connection with them and understand each other better. Along with this our distributors who gives good results are even getting promotions, domestic, international trips from the company.

Our employees are the backbone of our company, they are the ones whose support is one of the most important thing for a company to grow. A company grows if the employees of the company wants it to grow and work hard for the same. And if someone is working this hard for a company it is the duty of the company to keep their employees happy and for that we on regular bases organize different programmes, events, parties for our employees. We even take care of their trips, vacations and each year an office trip is being organised by the company so that our employees does not feels overburden.