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Geeken Agrochemicals’ Distributors Program is now open. We have been in the agrochemical business for 50 years, and we have raw ingredients and in-depth application experience to help you with your compositions or treatments. Geeken Chemicals is looking for new distributors to help us promote our goods and services throughout all agrochemical inputs (fertilizer’s, pesticides, chemicals, and plant growth regulators or minerals). We’d want to work as an agriculture product distributor for major brand manufacturers of fertilizer’s, pesticides, seeds, and farm equipment that are both cost-effective and high-quality.

We are searching for business partners in all states, districts, cities, towns, and villages across India. If you have a solid track record as agrochemical product dealers, partners, or distributors, you can apply for our distributors programed. New entrepreneurs with money to invest and a desire to build a prestigious, profitable business are also applicants. We look forward seeing long-term business relationships with partners who want to grow alongside us, and we provide ongoing benefits for them.

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Your industry’s specialized requirements and processes are familiar to us. After all, we don’t only sell items; we also sell application-specific technical solutions that will help you stay ahead of the competition. Professional but not corporate, with a stronger emphasis on connections and the freedom to solve problems and experiment with new formulations. Our strategy is built on our in-depth understanding of agrochemicals. We assist you in the transfer of expertise in production and development by offering expert advisory services. We offer you much more than just agrochemical delivery, and we keep you informed about new developments thanks to our tight ties with top global producers of high-tech and cost-effective products.

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We are one of the main agrochemical distributors in specific markets, and we do business with the majority of companies in that industry. To ensure efficiency, we have made better use of technology. Our own distribution centers throughout India assure supply assurance by keeping products in stock for timely delivery. Post Your Request Below if you are seeking for a distributorship in the agriculture chemical products sector and need expert guidance or consulting on how to secure a top-brand distributor in India. Our firm will assist you in obtaining a distributor. Partners interested in expanding their business should contact us right away to set up a meeting.


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Technology and its growth is very important for the growth of the nation and a company too Read More…


Mr. Jain’s i.e. Mr. Anand Kumar Jain the chairman, Mr. Parit Jain the managing director and Read More…

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We at Geeken manage all the process under one roof be it manufacturing, testing, packaging, supplying  Read More…

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Geeken Chemical India Limited is a brand who does not believes in growing alone.  We within a small span of time Read More…


Geeken is connected with approximately over 10000 people and feels amused that all these people connected  Read More…

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Standardization to make a standard, mark of what products we produce and of what quality and quantity  Read More…

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I have bought their herbicides for my crops and till now they are the best herbicides I have ever purchased. Their packing and quantity of the product matches with the quality of the product.

Amandeep Singh
Farmer’s son in Punjab

Geeken’s all the agrochemical products are safe and best for our crops. They manufacture the products keeping in mind the need of our crops and the farmers. The quality is very nice and the prices are very cheap as compared to quality and quantity.

Framer in A.P

I have been using their herbicides from a while now. They are the best to protect your crops from weed. I have full faith in their quality of products. KEROVIT is product they actually get rid of the weeds and protects the crops for long.

Farmer in Punjab

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