Pesticides play a very important and crucial role in Indian farming. We are using pesticides for over 50 years and they have immensely improved the quality and the productivity of agriculture. Pesticides are like the crop insurance policy of the crops. They save them from the damages that can happen any time during the life. It can be called Crop Insurance. Pesticides not only help the crops protecting from the damages. But it also boosts the plants to absorb at a much faster rate.

India is the land of agriculture and we understand the importance of crop protection. India has been one of the best and largest producers of pesticides in the world. As of now, India comes at 4th position in the world’s largest pesticides producing companies. The market of Indian pesticides is growing rapidly. Keeping the view of the needs and demands of pesticides worldwide. We have a market of about INR214 billion and it is rapidly growing in the upcoming years.

Although recently the pesticides industry faced a slam and India lost about 25% of their pesticide industry. Due to ban but this does not make India dependent on any other country. We are still an independent and enough pesticide-producing country and supplying worldwide. Speaking of delivering the pesticides worldwide. Indian pesticides are in high demand not just in India but also across the world. The government is also planning to have a market for pesticides on international platforms as well. Our most of the pesticides will be easily getting deliver to many different parts and region of the world. India is not just a producer but a huge consumer of pesticides. we know how difficult it is to save the crops from pests.


Things we need to understand

We understand the hard work it takes by a farmer to grow a crop. The land and the crops are like the members of the family to them and how much love and affection we have towards them and tries our best to save them, protect them. Producing a healthy crop is a dream and goal for all the farmers over here. Most of the time they succeed and sometimes fail because despite of all the usage and production of pesticides. We are still losing a good quantity of our crops just to pests. India’s alone annual production loss is about US$ 45 million. And this is major because of either there is no usage of pesticides or lack of knowledge. How to use or just using bad quality of pesticides used by the farmers.

We need to understand to produce and grow good quality crops and protect our crops one just do not need to use pesticides. the use of good quality of pesticides that too in a prescribed way is also important. The lack of education of how to use the pesticides & in what proportion. It is one of the reasons we are facing such an issue. We need to guide and train our framers and educate them to learn the proper way and quantity to use pesticides for their crops.


There are a few steps that can be taken to promote and improve the crops are:

1. Produce and provide the best quality of the pesticides-

As a country whose major land is being in use for agriculture. We also need to understand the need and importance of pesticides and we need to produce good quality of pesticides for our farmers and provide them at nominal prices.

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2. Teach them the benefits of pesticides-

Our farmers need to learn the benefits of pesticides. Though most of them are using pesticides now. Still, there are many of them who still needs to teach. And is to be made sure the importance and the use of pesticides. Showing them how a pesticide can save up their whole crop. And give life to their crops and land is one of the steps we can take.

3. Teach them how to use the pesticides-

It is not just about showing them the benefits of a product we need to help them use the product as well. We cannot just tell them that how pesticides are important and beneficial for their crops we need to teach them the use of them. The certain way of using a product matters as much as the use of a product matters.

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4. Precautions that should to be taken while using the pesticides-

The pesticides are no doubt the crop insurance but we need to take proper care and responsibility to use one.

Whenever a pesticide is being in use one should take care of a few precautions. These precautions are not just for the benefit and protection of crops. But also for the benefit and safety of a human.

India loses about 15-25 % potential crop output due to pests every year despite of producing crop protection products at such a good rate. This ratio and amount of crops lost is huge no matter the rate of production and the quantity produced has increased immensely. This percentage of crop damage tells us that we are still somewhere lacking behind in providing the best products or knowledge to our farmers because no farmer would like to see their hard work go in vain like that. The world is losing about 20 to 40% of crop products to pests and the numbers might rise if we don’t take charge to this.

The crop protection products producing companies has to come up and take the initiative to give our best to control this damage happening in our nation. We have to come forward and show that how pesticides are crop insurance and not just a material that can be skipped in farming.

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