Food is the basic need of human life. It is the fuel that runs the human-machine. Food security is one of the basic and fundamental rights of a human but are we getting equitable food security? The food we intake is to provides nutrients and energy to our body. So that we can be healthy and function the tasks of the day. It is advisable that one should be consuming whole food rather than processed ones. We should consume home-cooked food with less fat content in order to be fit, healthy. Also to keep their immunity strong. But with time and the speed, life took people started neglecting the food they consume. And this is done just to save their time or because of lack of resources.

Now when the healthy, good food was exchanged with fast food and processed food. The body of the individuals started getting unhealthy. People tend to fall ill even with there is a change in weather. Symptoms like cold, fever, cough become common and normal for humans.


Is this a normal thing now? Do people really don’t care now if they have cold, fever or they cough?

We all know the reason for that. After coronavirus hit in the world. These common illnesses like cold, fever, and cough turned out to be life-taking diseases. People are really scared of it. We avoid meeting people who even have 1 symptom of all the 3. And all the award goes to our immune system. We all casually blame our immunity to get sick easily and fall ill. And rather does not understand it is us who have made our immunity low.

Now, what is the solution to this? How do we make our immunity strong again? Simply started eating whole food and fruits again. This is what we all thought and started again when it came to our lives.  But we don’t understand the impact it causes on the food-producing industry.

Now how can we expect all the people to all of sudden started having good food and demand it more in the market when the demand was really low from the past few years or a decade?

How can one start producing tons of food where the demand a few months back was just in hundreds?

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And when this crisis comes what happens is the inflation in prices as the demand and supply are not matching the scale. People started stocking up the food which they never had in their life so that they can boost their immunity and stay healthy and the demand in the market for such products suddenly increased whereas it is impossible to increase the production of such products in a fraction of a second.

People who can afford this have now saved themselves from this now what about those who are not able to even afford the basic need of life? What about that class of the society who are dying of malnutrition and hunger? How will food security will be provided equally to everyone? In a country like India where the country is one of the biggest food production countries in the world about 4 out of 10 children are daily sleeping hungry. They are not getting any kind of food to eat be it good or bad to fill their stomach and sleep. This does not stop here. A person does not get affected individually. It runs in the family, society and slowly grows in the whole country, nation and then to the world.

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If a woman who does not gets full nutrition food during her pregnancy she will be giving birth to an malnourished underweight baby who will be having nutrition decency since birth. Now imagine If they baby didn’t get the food even he/she was in the mother’s womb how will they afford the nutritional food after the baby is born. That child remains unfit, unhealthy and lack of nourishment from birth till the time he/she cannot afford the food for themselves. They cannot have equal food security as they lack in resources.

People say the country like India is facing food security crises. But is that real? Is India facing food crises?

In a country where processed food is much cheaper than whole food i.e. where a single apple will cost about 40-50 rupees (Indian currency) a packet of chips or samosa will cost just 10 rupees. Is that country really facing a food shortage? Or food crises? No, it seems impossible but the food they are getting is that nutritional food? The answer to this question is also NO as the food we get in 10 rupees is much more harmful and makes us ill. Thus this is a reason why most of the people in the country are unhealthy or have low immunity.

What is the solution to this problem?

Some of the solutions are

  1. Now when it comes to demand and supply thing it can be covered up with time. Not more than a year will take hardly to cover up the gap . As people would not need to stock up the goods in this amount to themselves. But what about the people who cannot afford the food?
  2. What about the rising prices of the basic, healthy food required for a growth of a human being. How can be provide equality in food security to the people in our nation?
  3. Asking the government to lower the prices of the whole food which actually provides nutrition to the people.
  4. Ask the people who are coming up or does always help the need. To provide them with the healthy good food options available in the market.
  5. Make sure that the food are given to the lower class at low rates than the people who can afford it. So that there can be a little balance in handling the burden of food.
  6. To make sure that the unhealthy, fast food is imposed of heavy taxes. And the good, healthy, nutrition food is tax free. That makes the burned of tax is released from the people for their good.
  7. Educate the people specially children at school. The value of good food the nutrition it provides and what are the benefits of having them.
  8. To have fairs and campaigns. where the people are being told the importance of immunity and rewarding the people of low class with good food materials.

These are just a list of options the list can go on if one needs to help the other and improve the status of the country.

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