India is in the agriculture field for decades. India is famous for its land and also for the farmers who produce tons of crops for the nation on that land. The way of Indian farming has been very traditional. it has not been developed much from the beginning. Farming is a field that requires a lot of labor work and hard work. Except for the basic requirements for farming i.e. land, seeds, water, etc. Since farming is a profession which is going on for 100 decades. The procedure and steps of farming have also become very outdated and ancient. It all started with which humans used to dig in the ground with their hands and used to perform each and every step of farming with their raw hands themselves. With time they invented instruments that they can use for farming in their lands.

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From time to time the little improvement is to done by people themselves to develop their territory. From using their hands as a cultivator to using the power of the animals to now presently we have farm haulers and cultivators which are used to develop the land for creation. We have gone to a distance for years for improvement still there are a lot of states/ranchers where these advances are yet not coming to. They are still using the ancient ways of farming i.e. using either human as labor or using animal power.


As there is obviously some kind of development in the farming process in India, still we are lacking behind in the development of this area as most of the farmers in the distant areas are still using the ancient method of farming. We need innovation to buck up our Indian farming system and bring a change to society. And the most important step to this is to bring the technology to make the farming process much easier, faster, and convenient for our farmers.

The machines is to make land and for cultivation and leveling up of the land. Device to control the weed spreading in the harvests. Furthermore, to protect the harvests from such dangerous substances without harming the yields. Advancement which can be used to finish 10 people work with one. On the other hand, two people’s work and is practical and safer for the environment

The keen cultivating innovations are being utilized for the most part by the United States. About 80% while the Europe is simply utilizing 25% of this innovation for cultivating. These procedures make the method involved with cultivating. Like cleaning the land, blending composts, making the dirt smooth, blending cream in it, making the dirt clumsy to lose the water. They are additionally utilized for sowing the seeds in the dirt and making cultivating simple. They are utilized to recognize the weed and eliminate them without hurting the yield or its situation

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Technologies which the world is adapting and are important and required in India to change the Indian farming:

1. The Drones and Bees:

The bees play an important role in the economy and it plays a vital role in the agriculture.  And with the time and changes in the economy, the bees are getting extent day by day and if all the bees get extent the earth will end.

Drones are now being used in experiments to supplement the pollination efforts that bees do for the economy and for agriculture.

2. Automation and  Artificial Intelligence In farming:

Automation and artificial intelligence is not just working for the development of science in the field of cars, plains, rockets but also towards the development of tractors or machinery used in the agriculture field.  A company in us is making a driverless tractor so that the fieldwork for farming can be done without human labor as well.

3. Urban Agriculture, Smart Design and Vertical Farms:

Metropolitan homesteads are all around managed, independent, ecologically controlled units that are kept on one another. One of the latest trends in urban farming is vertical farming. Vertical farming does not change the way one farms, it only makes it more efficient, productive and takes less space.

4. CRISPR and Genetic Editing:

Scientists have begun their research on the crops that require less water and that grow more food. Obviously, this research and the outcome of the research is not easy it is going to be a lot of failure in finding the proper wanted results.

5. Blockchain Technology :

It is basically trading the agriculture products. The blockchain ledger will have to record and update the status of crops from planting to harvesting to storage to delivery of the crops.

It is generally used in the equipment from the rough material to collecting to packaging or for passing on the machines. All of the records are saved for safety purposes by the ledger.

6. Precision Agriculture:

Agriculture is also going through an evolution. The agriculture companies are developing technologies. They are allowing the farmers to maximize yield by controlling different of crops farming steps. Such as moisture level, pest control, soil condition etc. Precision Agriculture is when the farmers are provided with accurate technology and techniques. It is for planting and growing crops and it increases the efficiency and decreases the managing costs.

7. Modern Greenhouse:

Recently the greenhouse industry has taken a boom and transformed itself. From small scale to much more larger scale that provides complete land-based conventional food products.

8. Livestock Framing Technology:

The livestock industry produces the goods which are of need on daily basis. It is a business running of poultry farms, dairy farms, cattle ranches, and other kinds of livestock-related agribusiness. Now the technology development in this sector is also very important. Though it does not seems to be it the areas in these like managing livestock details and records safely,  easily and managing out the data quickly is the technology development we need as the product is important the production is important but the managing of the product is also very important.

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