Geeken is connected with approximately over 10000 people and feels amused that all these people connected with Geeken are happy and satisfied with us and our services.
We have a team of around 200 employees fixed and working for the Geeken on daily basis. All these people are skilled workers and give their best on daily basis at their job.
Apart from them we have around 150 employees who helps us keep our work place managed. They help us in managing the place and keep it clean and neat and provide the help if any other employee is in need. They are either trainee employees learning about the products and its production or our helping hands of the company.

Along with them we have a team of over 100 employees providing the customer service calls to the people who are in need to understand the use, application , placing order or any other details over the call for our products.
As mentioned above we have over 5000¬+ distributors and they are increasing on daily basis as we have good market value and our products provides benefit to them as well. They are in demand in the market with both hands.
Geeken thinks about each and every single person mentioned above or if skipped by us by mistake. Not just them we have our priority towards our customers, our consumers as we think they are the people who run us.

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