Quality Policy

Our goal is to provide consumers with the highest quality products via the channels of performance, consistency, safety, and value. This commitment is rooted in our corporate values and is essential to our continued growth and success.
  • We always meet our “Pre-set comprehensive Quality Standards” in terms of “design, manufacturing, and distribution” of our products as well as meet or exceed all government requirements and consumer expectations.
  • We maintain the highest possible quality standards as we design and manufacture our products by the most efficient means possible to ensure they are affordable to all our customers.
  • Our commitment to quality is vital to all we do.
  • Each manager, supervisor, and employee of our organization is responsible for complying with requirements and meeting the set quality standards and is accountable for his or her individual performance and the performance of those working under his or her supervision.
  • We ensure that all our products are of the highest quality and their quality is double-checked by our employees so that our respected clients receive only the best products.
  • We ensure that all Quality incidents are fully notified, investigated, and that corrective action is carried out and communicated across the business.
  • We ensure that a comprehensive program of reporting and audits is developed to measure the company’s performance against set goals and objectives and that these are formally reviewed by the company’s management to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system

Our Quality Management System is focused and based on the following five principles:

  • Focus on operational tasks
  • Do it right first time
  • Assess risks and prioritize resources accordingly
  • Knowledge Management is shared and accessible
  • Empowered and accountable quality team