Viral Disease


It is also called beet curly top virus. It affects n number of cultivated and wild plants. It symptoms are that the plant gets thick, yellowish, and the branches or leaves get curled and they even die at early stage.


It is cause by various strains of several hundred viruses. Crops affected are tobacco, beet, and cucumber. Tulip mosaic virus breaks the tulip and lily flowers.


It is a disease which causes to citrus plant species. They are transmitted by bud grafts and not by natural affects the plants like oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines. It affects the growth of the plant any may reduce it by 1/3 or even more.


It has a common symptom which results in water loss in leaves and stem. The affected part losses their turgidity and droop.  Wilt diseases are caused by variety of fungi, viruses are similar like roots, crown rots, stem cankers, insect injury, drought or excess water problems.