The journey of GCIL has been so delightful. Due to our experience of years in manufacturing agro auto products we understand the needs of the farmers and provide them with the best quality of agrochemicals they want for production of crops. Since 1970 when Mr. Anand Kumar Jain started his own business Sri Mahavir Tractors with just 100sq of land and minimal saving, with time and endless effort and hard work he grew tremendously that he acquired about 4000sq of area with more than 500 people working for him. With the knowledge, hard work and strength of his sons they started Unique Auto Products Pvt. Ltd and with no time they became one of the leaders in the field of agro auto production. The experience of manufacturing agro auto products has been helpful to us to understand what the farmers need in the agrochemicals and what quality and services they are requiring. All these years we spend close to the farmers to understand their needs and desire for the products they want for their crops has helped us to produce better, efficient agrochemicals for them. Our journey since the beginning has been smooth as we are in direct contact with the people who use our products directly. We connect, communicate and understand what their requirements are and keeping all that in mind we produce our products.


  1. Mr. Anand Kumar Jain, Mr. Parit Jain & Mr. Pulkit Jain, the founders of the GCIL are successful businessmen’s who run a business of agro auto products since 1970 and now they are providing their services in agrochemicals under the name of Geeken Chemical India Limited (GCIL).
  2. The joint effort of the team is to provide the best service to our clients, we are here providing the guidance to our clients at every stage of the procedure, tracking and tracing their product so that it reaches them before due period.
  3. We are determined and fairly believes in providing our clients peace of mind. Making good connections with clients and keeping it for longer period of time is the real payoff we admire.
  4. GCIL believes in quality over quantity, we might compromise a little with the quantity of the product but we do not and will never compromise with the quality of the product.
  5. We aim to lead in the field of manufacturing and trading of agrochemical products as we lead in agro auto products. We firmly believe in our quality and services which will lead us to success.
  6. We value relations thus have good long term relations with our distributors and clients and try our best to maintain this.


Mr. Anand Kumar Jain

He is the Managing Director of GCIL, with his willpower and accomplishments he grew the Sri Mahavir Tractors which was the starting point of the success to him. His experience of decades in agro auto production is an asset for GCIL and will always be one. His golden rule of customer satisfaction is the base of our company’s success. According to Mr. Jain one should produce a good that can provide the maximum fulfilment to the customer so that the bond btw the customer and company holds forever.

Mr. Parit Jain

He is the co-founder of GCIL. Mr. Parit is an entrepreneur who started Unique Auto Products Pvt. Ltd which deals in agro auto products. With time, knowledge and success he made his company one of the top most companies in auto products production. His deep knowledge in the agro auto production and direct connection with the distributors and users of product makes him the man of knowledge who can provide the best and detailed information of the needs of our clients/farmers.

Mr. Pulkit Jain

He is the founder of Geeken Chemicals India Limited, young man with goals in his eyes and an ambition to grow in the field of agriculture. As the success flows in his blood just like his father and brother Mr. Jain knows his ways to achieve his dreams. His keen interest and knowledge in agriculture field motivated him to bring up with GCIL. His experience of being with agro auto production and understanding the basic requirement of farmers have given him the idea and motivation to bring up something like GCIL.


I Mr. Anand Kumar Jain, started with my career decade’s back thinking of only one thing in my mind that is QUALITY over ANYTHING and since then I have never seen back in my life. And even this does not stopes me to look down and work as I know how hard work and patience it requires. Ever since I started my company Sri Mahavir Tractors I believed in serving the quality to the customers with an affordable price. In the beginning it was difficult to cope up with loses and less demand in market but I knew time will take me to a different place. Till now I make sure that in all the diverse fields we are working quality of the product is never sacrificed. And I believe this is the reason we have so many clients who are dealing with us since decades and have a network of hundreds and thousands of people, distributors. Our company sets mark in providing the best quality of products within reasonable prices and that too before time since forever. We take pledge to provide the same quality or even better with upcoming time and technology.


GCIL believes it’s their moral and social responsibility to think about the development of the society and for that they have a clear intention to help the needy section of the society. GCIL from the beginning is working for the betterment of our farmers by proving the services at the affordable prices but we think this is not enough. The founders since the starting of their business have intention and will to work for the needy section of the society, they have networks with the NGO and every year contribute their bit so that the nation grows. Not just this our founders make sure the farmers who are directly in contact with the company since long does not face any kind of issues, the family specially children are given the most care and basic essential needs of life. Their education, healthcare are bee taken care. We give our contribution to around 5-7 NGO’s and has taken up the responsibility of about15 individual children for their education and food. GCIL has always been a company who works for the people and with the people.


Our mission is to provide with the best quality of agrochemical products to all the farmers worldwide, we produce our products with the best quality and at the same time we make sure that the products are not very expensive that goes out of the budget of the people. Providing the quality along with a limited budget is our mission for our nation. Our goal is to make Indian agriculture become easy and inexpensive for your farmers so that they produce good quality of inexpensive by products from it so that it becomes easy for the people to afford crops. Our mission is to suck up all the unemployment, poverty and discrimination from our country and for that our basic little step is to provide the best goods to our consumers within affordable prices.


We have a vision to provide the best services to the countrymen that the farmers of our nation do not faces any issues with their crop production. We visualize to have a better and crop production products for our farmers so that they can provide us with the best quality of crops to all. Farming process is not as easy as it seems and it takes a lot to grow a product. We have a vision to provide the best help we can to our farmers to help them grow the products be it by providing the best chemicals to them or to provide them at nominal prices or to educate them or to help them and their family in need. We see our future generation of the country eating and growing from the goods we produce and for improving that we are giving our best. Geeken’s vision is not just for an year or so we are thinking for the upcoming generations of the country.

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