Our Businesses

Unique Auto Products Private Limited

Unique Auto Products Pvt. Ltd deals in all the kinds of automobile products for Tractors and Rotavators. We the team of 200+ employees and 5,000+ distributors work only for our customers. We manufacture, trade and supply all the parts which are required in a tractor. We are one of the top leading companies in automobile products. We manufacture the products keeping in mind the needs of our customers. We make the products of the best quality and affordable.

Geeken Clutch Plates

Geeken Clutch Plates specifically deals in the Clutch Plates of the tractors. We produce the product with the utmost best quality and reasonable so that our product can be accessible to each and every one in the world.  We are a team of 70+ employees only dealing and handling Geeken Clutch Plates. We specifically choose clutch plates as we know the demand or good quality clutch plates are in demand and we are proud to say that we supply that unbeatable quality of the products.

Legal Rasta Technologies Private Limited

Legal Rasta is one of the top companies which provides all kind of legal services to one. From registration of trade mark to filing taxes we provide all kind of services. We are a team of 150+ employees well qualified, and excellent at their work to solve all the kind of legal related issues to you.We have raised around 6 million usd funding in wealth bucket.

Wealth Bucket Capital Private Limited

Wealth Bucket our brand which deals in all kind of financial work be it investing in Mutual Funds, Insurance or finance loan. A team of around 100 employees are working all day just to answer your quires, help you in better financial advisers and investment of your hard earned money. Our employees are well trained and are best in their field of work. We have been providing our services in the market over a decades now and comes in the trusted brands.We have raised around 3 million usd funding in wealth bucket.

Geeken Chemical India Limited

Geeken Chemicals India Limited is a brand which deals in manufacturing of agro chemicals. Geeken has build a company which manufacture and supplies the best agro chemicals to our hard working farmers which is the best for their crops as well as their pockets. GCIL has their own plants which produces all the kinds of chemicals which are essential for crop production and protection. We are established in Jammu and Kashmir but have deliveries worldwide. We are soon another plant is opening in Gujrat, Dahej. Our products are made according to the needs of the customers and are been tested and revised on regular bases. We keep in touch with our consumers so that we can take the honest feedback and improve us regularly.