Mr. Jain’s i.e. Mr. Anand Kumar Jain the chairman, Mr. Parit Jain the managing director and Mr. Pulkit Jain the founder of the company all the three leader of the company believes in leadership not dictatorship. They all have a decent years of experience in managing and working in the agriculture field. Mr. Anand Kumar Jain has more than 2 decades of experience in the agro products field and watching and learning from him Mr. Parit Jain and Mr. Pulkit Jain also have a good knowledge of how they can be a great leader and supporter of their company.
They know how to work with about 200 employees and manage about 5000+ distributors without creating the layer of tension, fear and discomfort in the atmosphere in the lives of the people working with them. All the three of them have always considered each and every person associated with their company be it a customer or an employee as the member of their company and always been considerate towards them.

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