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Having 50+ year of association with farming community through tractor spare part manufacturing and sales. The group diversified its activities to Agrochemicals and Fertilizers to serve Indian Agriculture better. A small initiative towards make in India campaign. We also intend to contribute towards increasing farmers income improving the quality and quantity of their agri produce. Geeken Chemicals a new venture of the group has initiated manufacturing and sales of Agrochemicals and PGRs etc and plans to manufacture specialty fertilizers and essential micronutrients in near future.

Our Solutions

We are solving the knowledge gap in farmers through content and personalized assistance for information. Farmers also get access to good quality original agri inputs at their fingertips with the option to get the products delivered to their doorsteps or available at the nearest AgroStar retail store. Post-harvest, farmers also get access to the best markets that help them fetch the best available rate, thereby helping them grow more and earn more.


Progressive farm advisory on demand

Scientific and sustainable advisory solutions are provided with a personalized approach.


Good quality and original Agri inputs

Our Agri inputs value proposition focuses on a qualitative approach.


Seamless experience through omnichannel

The omnichannel solution focuses on a connected ecosystem.


Better income through market linkage

The market linkage solution focuses on providing farmers access to domestic & global markets.

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Plant Growth Regulators

In order to have optimum plant growth and production, it is essential that all the essential major nutrients and micro nutrients are available.



Insecticide are the chemicals which controls insects. Similarly, the chemicals used to control mites (Acarina) are called as Acaricides or Mit.



Weed is a plant considered undesirable, unattractive or troublesome especially growing where it is not wanted. Weed management through any che.


Several organisms like Fungi, Bacteria, Virus, Phytoplasma, Protozoa and Nematodes cause deformities in the plants, which are referred as dise.